While people have different reasons for traveling, it is inevitable to meet new people when you are on the road. Whether you are visiting a city or remote destination, there is always a chance that you will meet other travelers along the journey. Nevertheless, the following are some of the best places to meet other travelers. 

Online Travel Communities 

In the age of technology that we live in today, the internet plays a critical role in forming relationships. If you are looking to meet other travelers, various online travel platforms can provide a quick fix like Backpacker, Meetup/WeWork, Skout, and Ventoura. These websites enable you to freely connect with other travelers as well as locals in various travel destinations. 


Festivals are a magnet for travelers since they allow you to experience unique cultures firsthand. Festivals usually vary from one culture to another and, include a series of activities including food, art, entertainment, and workshops. Thus, attending festivals abroad can also offer you greater opportunities for networking with other travelers. 

Volunteer Programs 

Many travelers take up volunteer work in different destinations as a way of exploring unique cultures for free. Many volunteer programs offer accommodations and travel opportunities in exchange for work. You only need to do a little research and find a volunteer opportunity at your chosen destination. 


Hostels are also an ideal place to meet other travelers, especially if you are traveling solo. Hostel dorms offer cheaper accommodations that often attract many budget travelers, also willing to connect with others. That means booking accommodation at a hostel could also enable you to easily meet other travel enthusiasts. 

There are several other places where you can also meet other travelers including group tours and on transit. All these can enable you to enhance the experience of your trip and, also gain more insights about travel.