Whether you travel for fun or business, you face identify theft risk. That’s because you travel to a region that is new to you. Fraud and credit card protection may be different at your travel destination. You can also forget that not all people that you meet are your friends. Some individuals have ulterior motives. Therefore, pay attention to measures that will help you protect your identity when you travel. Here are tips on how to protect your identity when traveling for fun or business.

Travel Light

Traveling light entails leaving behind unnecessary bank credits, credit cards and your social security card. Essentially, leave everything in your wallet that you will not need during the trip.

Make Copies of Important Documents

Make copies of your passport, driver’s license, health insurance card, and the credit card that you will use during the trip. Leave a copy of each document with a family member or friend that you can call while away then carry the other copy. This will enable you to have all the necessary information in case your luggage is stolen. That way, getting new documents will be easier.

Leave the Check Book

You will most likely not need the check book during the trip. There are restrictions in most places on check-writing. Check account fraud is also a difficult identity theft to recover from. Therefore, use credit cards or cash when traveling and pay bills on getting back home.

Block Transaction View when Using ATM

Block your transaction view when using ATMs to ensure that no well-positioned person with binoculars can see the PIN that you enter in the machine. This ensures that even if somebody targets you and steals your card, they can’t use it to withdraw money from your account.

Keep Valuable Documents in Hotel Safe

Keep all valuable documents with personal information in the hotel safe. Hotel employees can access your room thereby increasing burglary risk. Therefore, keep important documents in the safe while away.

Follow these tips to protect your identity when traveling locally, regionally, or internationally.